New Zealand: 5 reasons to go camping



New Zealand is a country which deeply loves two things: The Lord of the Rings and its wild landscapes.

And if you really want to understand why there’s only one thing you can do: go camping.

#1 – It’s everywhere

New Zealand means outdoor life, even when you’re talking about accommodation.

Wherever you’re gonna be there will be at least one well-organized, super-clean and cosy camping area.

Their concept of ‘camping’ it’s way better than the average in Europe, because the majority of them are situated in astonishing locations where the cement is banished.



#2 – It’s fun

Even if you’re not an  enthusiastic supporter of Into the wild,  camping can still be a pleasant way to travel.

During the incredible mess that you’ll be doing to pitch the tent – because yes, you will – and prepare the dinner there is always time to have a word with the other campers.

They usually tend to be young people from all over the world with interesting stories you can listen to, so with just a couple of beers the night will be settled.


#3 – It’s cheap

Camping is also a good value for your money: nor hotels or hostels can compete with that.

The price for one night in a State camping area is just 6NZD(3,50 EUR), while in those who are owned by privates the price per night is around 15/20 NZD (9-12 EUR).

And the more you save, the more you can spend in enjoying your trip.



#4 – It’s freedom

With camping the only duty that you have is linked to common good manners, nothing more.

You can arrive, live and stay whenever you want. You just need to pack everything in your trunk to be ready to go.

Nothing is better than the freedom from the annoying red tape to make you enjoy your trip. It’s really easy to have fun all your day, when you can decide every single moment of that.



#5 – It’s authentic

New Zealand is pure and wild nature. This is what makes people fall in love with this country and if you want to feel the same  you have to live that properly.

Being astonished by the beauty of Milford Sounds, Mt. Cook and the ancient Fox Glacier is the purpose of your trip, so let it be.

Don’t close yourself in a hotel room: enjoy this unique place living literally within it.


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