Banco Chinchorro – Mexico Part II

Me and Mario have this tiny little obsession with diving. For us, finding a good spot to dive is an additional goal to reach when we travel.

From Tulum we drove to Mahahual, a little city in Quintana Roo extremely peaceful and still. Even before leaving Italy, we had already decided to skip Playa del Carmen to go directly to a city less chaotic – and more real, I’d say – from where we could dive in Banco Chinchorro.

That’s how we found ourselves in Mahahual.

For those of you who don’t know, Banco Chinchorro is an atoll reef lying off the southeast coast of Mexico and Belize known as the second best reef in the world – the first is the australian one.

We were more than excited when we finally jumped in a boat for a strict 6 hours schedule of diving. I’m always wondering why people don’t even try to dive: the beauty of underwater is wild and it’s amazing to be surrounded by that riot of colours, fish and corals.

I can’t help to be fascinated every time by the sparkle and the dancing lights and there’s no way a photo can express properly the feeling in front of the show of the marine life.

Our dives were super fun: Banco Chinchorro turned ut to be better than I thought. The only thing that went wrong was the Mario’s approach to a group of friendly reef sharks. While everybody was cuddling them, Mario cut himself with a coral on his knee. And, when you’re surrounded by sharks, bleeding it’s not a great idea.

Fortunately, they were friendly enough to let him live.

Ps. Once home, we found out that our GoPro lent was scratched, so that’s the best our little camera could do. Be patient.


Schermata 2015-10-01 alle 11.33.46

Schermata 2015-10-01 alle 11.44.03










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