Cancún: the underwater museum – Mexico, Part V

Our last stop in Mexico was actually our very first beginning.

We were in doubt about spending another night in Puerto Moleros, a little seaside town well-known for the large number of foreign residents, or going back to Cancún.

I personally loved Puerto Moleros, mainly because it was incredibly relaxing  and it’s off the tourist maps. We joined a one-day cooking course and the time we spent there was absolutely lovely.

At the end, we decided to give a chance to the city from where we had run away so quickly at the beginning of the trip. It turned out that the big and famous Cancún had something to offer even for us: the Musa, an underwater museum close to the coast.

The dive among the statues, surrounded by an annoying dust and hundreds of fishes, was breathless. I thought it’d be similar to a common wreck diving but, instead, it was a real guided ‘visit’ to all the pieces of that weird museum.

That was a really good way to end our trip in Mexico.





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