Day trip to Chichèn Itzà – Mexico Part IV

When me and Mario travel, we always try to keep the best for the end.

After visiting the stunning Campeche, we jumped into the car to spend the last day in Mexico to visit Chichèn Itzà.

We were said that there’s no place that shows the greatness of Maya culture more than this enourmous archeological site and, to confirm its reputation, Chichèn Itzà is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

But, obviously, we were incredibly late. Our guide book pointed out that it was possible to visit the Maya city only until 6 pm, so we should have leave early in the morning to arrive in time. Well, it turned out that it was 11am when we woke up.

Fortunately, a miracle occured. The possibility to visit Chichèn Itzà was indeed until 6pm but after that time, when all the tourists and souvenirs sellers are gone, it’s possible to join to the evening visit. That day only five people bought the evening ticket.

We wandered for 2 or 3 hours among the crazy high structures of the city, enjoying something that it’s hard to find in a famous place like that: silence. We walked by ourselves right in the middle of the Great Ball Court, the biggest pelota field I’ve ver seen, through the Skull Platform and the Castillo Temple.

Define with only one word Chichén Itzà is hard, but I’d try with ‘colossal’. We loved it, even if I have to admit I was freaking out in front of the Sacred Cenote. For that, the best definition is ‘absolutely frightful’.

Apart from that, I feel more rested just thinking about Chichén Itzà.








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