15 Days in Myanmar

Day 1-3: Yangoon
  • Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda to have a spectacular first impression of Myanmar
  • Enjoy a cup of tea and a fancy burmese dish in Rangoon Tea House. The prices are pretty higher than the average in this colonial style tea house but, trust me, there’s a reason why.
  • Have dinner in the Chinese district with a super tasty barbecue in the 19th st. food market
  • Inside the Chaukhtatgy Paya there’s a colossal sleeping buddha that you can’t miss. Nearby, in the Ngahtatgyi Paya, late in the afternoon, you can see local people pray a beautiful seated buddha.
  • Take a walk to see the beauty of colonial and indian architecture
Day 3 – 7: Nagpali beach
  • There’s nothing to say about Nagpali beach that can’t be explained with a picture of this spectacular palm-lined beach. Enjoy some relaxing time there, before the long transfer to Bagan
  • The flights from Yangon to Nagpali are scheduled for only certain days of the week. Check the availability as soon as possible, of there’s the chance to be ‘stucked’ in Nagpali for a while
Day 8 – 9: Bagan
  • Rent a bike to cycle among the temples of the 11 sq km archeological zone. There’re so many temples that following a specific itinerary is pretty difficult, but don’t miss the Ananda Patho, the charming Dhammayangyi Patho and That Byin Nyu (my favourite one)
  • The tour among the temples is gonna take at least one day. If you can’t help seeing them all – like I did – spend an additional day to Bagan: every visit to a temple is a new adventure
  • Rent a private boat and sail in the Ayeyarwady river at the sunset to have a different view of Bagan area
  • If it’s the right period of the year, it’s also possible to have a bird’s-eye view of ancient temples by booking a Baloon Fight over the area.
Day 9 – 10: Day trip to Mount Popa
  • Mount Popa is a volcano well-known as a pilgrimage site.A buddhist monastery is located at the summit of  the mount, where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view
  • The funniest part of the day would be feeding the cheeky monkeys who will ambush you on your way to the top
  • Have a look to the flower marked nearby the main entrance. There’re many ‘restaurants’ where you can have a delicious lunch
Day 11 – 14: Inle Lake
  • Skip the floating market of Ywama, which lately seems an amusement park for tourists and go to see Inthein floating market and the others inside the villages.
  • In 2014 the monk who trained the cats of the Jumping cats monastery died, and his heir decided to focus more on praying than teach cats how to jump. It can still be interesting to see this big floating monastery
  • Rent a boat to see the famous floating gardens and villages around the lake – it’s amazing seeing how locals live
  • See Nyaung Ohak the ruins of a group of golden stupas, nearby the lake
  • Book a visit to the weaving mill of the area and buy wonderful silk and lotus flower fabrics!
  • It’s a little expensive, but try to book an accommodation in one of the floating resorts inside the lake – it’s marvelous

Day 15: Back to Yangon

  • Unfortunately, it’s time to go back home

Generally speaking

Costs as a budget travel:

  • 40 USD in average per night for a double room in a good hostel/hotel. If you want to stay inside the Inle Lake for the night, the price are 80-150USD for a bungalow
  • 8/10 USD per meal, probably it’s enough even for two people
  • The entrance fee for the most interesting places is quite low (ex. the entrance for Inle Lake area is 5USD)
  • It’s not easy to move from a place to another yet, but buses are cheap and so are flight tickets if you book them a little in advance

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