The sands of Marsa Alam – Egypt

A good thing about being a student is the spring break.

This year I took a 10-day trip to Marsa Alam and, unlike the majority of my trips, I didn’t do much but dive, read and enjoy the beautiful beach. I was so tired that when I took my flight only nearby my destination I realized I had forgotten my camera at home.

After a first moment of real suffering, I started to feel pleasantly disconnected and slowed down. I had lovely time diving in the Red Sea, where the water is so salty that just staying underwater takes additional effort, among multi-colored fishes and drowsy turtles.

Here’s a glimpse of my staying in Egypt.










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  1. Great photos πŸ™‚
    I can really feel the warmth of the place through them.

    That’s one of my favourite thing about travelling, being disconnected for a while. As you said, it helps slow down and enjoy the present moments more.

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  2. Wonderful pictures! I especially love the camel one πŸ™‚ Where all did you go?


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