Bandung – Indonesia Part I

Bandung used to be a Dutch colony and it maintained its charme in time. The city was our first stop in Indonesia and we were more than excited to visit it.

We were told that, unlike the rest of Java, Bandung is a place still undiscovered by mass tourism where foreigners are looked at with big curiosity. It turned out to be true: every single local we met in the streets seemed to be offended if we didn’t greet them.

We planned a day-trip to see a one of the many craters of volcanos in the area and it was delightful, not only for the stunning view but also because we had the chance to go really close to one of the extinguished crater.

Then we just hanged around the amazing tea fields that cover all the hills of the zone with its bright shades of green. The sun was high in the sky when we jumped again in the car to take our tour to one of the local tea factory and then walked up to the waterfall nearby.

The days spent in Bandung definitely worth the flight.




Indonesia java bandung









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