The misty Beijing – China Part I

That summer me and Mario were pretty dubious about where to go: the word is big and sometimes choosing just one country seems impossible.

We had an entire month free before leaving for Myanmar, so we eventually booked one-way ticket to Beijing. China is a big and multifaceted country that we’ve always wanted to visit, mainly because of all the stories my grandfather told me about Chinese when I was little.

Well, Beijing was very different from what we’d expected. The day we arrived the sky was grey as a stone so we asked to a local girl if the city is always like that: it was pretty creepy standing in the middle of Tiananmen square in a fog so thick that we couldn’t see anything 50 mt away from where we were.

She laughed loudly and, with her poor english, she informed us that because of the high level of pollution Beijing was always covered by a heavy grey mist.

It was quite a shock visiting the world’s biggest royal palace with a premise like that. Though the Forbidden City was indeed ravishing, the weather and the madding crowd in there didn’t help to create the proper atmosphere to appreciate it.

Besides, the amazing gardens and every corner of the Inner Court seemed to be literally considered as trashes.

However, we spent more than four hours inside the imperial palace – to be honest also because we got lost at least three times. The structure was so big and amazing that we couldn’t help stopping walking among the impressive buildings.

The second day we took a tricycle to go to the Lama Temple. Fortunately, the well-known Tibetan temple was less crowded than the Forbidden City. Apart from us, it seemed that there were only locals who were there to pray the Buddha.

The scent of incense was everywhere and people were surprisingly  quiet. What a relief.

2014-07-18 12.34.28

2014-07-18 14.51.20 (1)

2014-07-18 16.00.48



2014-07-18 15.08.05

2014-07-18 12.32.57



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