The Great Wall – China Part II

Although Beijing is the capital of China we hardly found someone who could speak english, so just for taking the right bus to go the Great Wall it took ages.

The journey was like crazy. Every sign was in chinese and we were pretty sure that we wouldn’t arrive at destination, but fortunately we met two super-friendly guys from US who were able to speak a fluent chinese.

Our decision was to go for a long walk in a portion of the Wall far from the capital, to avoid the crowd and those parts that are so preserved that seem like a playground for tourists.

Within one hour and a half, we finally arrived to the portion of the wall nearby Jinshanling. I wasn’t prepared to that sight: spectacular stone fortifications stretched throughout the mountains as far as your eyes could see, drawing a beautiful line across the bright green of the wild nature around it.

The walk turned out to be more exhausting than we thought: we literally climbed the ruins of the fortifications for about 11km with a sticky weather and no water with us – not the best example of our smartness, I know.

However, it was ravishing. There were no people apart from the four of us and it certainly created the right atmosphere to admire one of the new Wonders of the World.

The only sounds we could hear were the one made by the birds, back in the deep of the forest which surrounded the Wall, and the one from the wind.

I would have spent my life watching the beauty made by humans place into the wild.

2014-07-19 14.26.28


2014-07-19 13.36.23

2014-07-19 13.09.55  2014-07-19 14.38.52



DSC_0017 DSC_0005

2014-07-19 14.52.23


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