Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater – Indonesia Part III

After visiting Prambanan and Borobudur Temples we drove non-stop to arrive in our shabby hostel nearby Mt. Bromo.

I’m not exactly an early bird so, after four days of no sleeping, the idea of getting up at 4am to see the sunrise over Mt. Bromo didn’t sound catchy at all.

It was freezing cold and in the morning I almost decided to leave the beauty of Mt Bromo to the others and spend the rest of the morning happily rolling in the sheets, but Mario forced me in any way he could to dress myself and face the day.

I’m glad he succeed. There were more than one hundred people waiting for the spectacular show of the sun coming up, but in front of the magical show of the nature everybody seemed to have lost their words.

It was breathtaking.

The day after that, the clock was set again for 4am. We climbed the ridge of Ijen volcano to reach the crater lake on the top before the sunrise. The view which was waiting for us was incredible.

We have heard a lot of good thing about that, but nothing could prepared us to that stunning beauty: the big lake was colored with a opaque turquoise tone and covered by a thick white mist. The only thing we were able to do was just staring at it speechless.

When the morning finally arrived – and the hot too – the miners continued to come out from the gases, going up and down of the ridge, with big baskets full of sulfur on their shoulders.

Eventually we came back to the cars and had breakfast, tired and still excited. It was a good trip.

Ps. We didn’t brought the camera with us, it was too heavy. All the photos are taken with my Iphone.











1234565_10201945210302057_576499590_n  1240492_10201945192541613_107328101_n


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