Gili Islands – Indonesia Part IV

Our last stop in Indonesia was Gili islands, specifically Gili Trawangan. We took a speed boat to arrive in this tiny little piece of heaven on earth nearby Lombok, to finally enjoy a little rest in front of one of the most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen.

The first curious thing we found out once arrived was that neither cars nor motorcycles were allowed in the island, only bikes and colorful carts pulled by horses. So, after renting two shabby bikes, we started to wander along the coast.

Gili Trawangan is the right place to end a trip in Indonesia. After two weeks of crazy running from a – marvelous – place to another, a peaceful beach was exactly what we needed.

Oddly, when we cycled in the inner part of the island we found out the difference between the life of tourists nearby the coast and the natives’ one in the hinterland. Among palm trees and wooden shacks, we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the real life in the island.

Our days in Gili Trawangan were charming. We enjoyed late bedtime and late mornings, doing nothing but eat, sunbath and dive in the incredible reefs nearby the island.










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