Pingyao – China Part III

After visiting the Great Wall, we had the chance to spend some time in Pingyao. We were worried that spending three days there was too much, but eventually this tiny ancient city tuned out to be one of the best spot of the entire China.

The tiny hostel where we stayed was an ancient house of a noble family exceptionally beautiful, so we finally were able to escape from the modern China and get lost in the ancient beauty of this well-preserved walled town.

We rented two bikes to visit the microscopic historic centre and it was marvelous: at the sunset, old men were playing chess on the road, sitting on chairs so little that seemed to be more suitable for children; paint-brush makers worked singing and getting a curious glimpse of us, while others shyly tried to sell cosy chinaware and lacquer boxes.

The next day we went out the town to see the ancient ruins nearby. An ancient military camp, situated nearby the slope of a mount, was transformed in a buddhist monastery and we spent more than three hours to explore the entire structure.

Not only the various colorful buildings were stunning, but so was the nature which surrounded them was spectacular.

After the climb of an endless number of stairs to arrive to the best view of the area, we came back to Pingyao late in the afternoon, absolutely pooped.

After ten day of no sleeping and tough transfers, that night we slept like babies.









2014-07-22 13.21.31

2014-07-22 14.58.11

2014-07-22 15.11.20


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