Terracotta Army, Xi’an – China Part IV

The city of Xi’an isn’t famous for its beauty but because it’s the proud host of one of the most incredible archeological site of the entire world: the Terracotta Army.

From Pingyao we took a night train for 12 hours to arrive to the city and, let me tell you, Chinese trains are unforgettable – and not in a good way. However,  we were itching so much for the visit to the Army that I simply forgot all my tiredness and jumped in the first bus that could bring us to our destination.

I have to say that this site was very different from the others in China. For the first time the main priority seemed to be the preservation of those unique soldier statues instead of the tourists’ amusement.

We found out that, when the Army was discovered, many statues were still colored in some parts, but those colors started to flanked and faded because of tourists’ behavior: people had hugged the statues and used the flash of their cameras for so long that the Government decided to allow the visit to the site only behind a thick glass wall.

The Army turned out to be more impressive than I thought, mainly because you cannot imagine how many 8.000 statues are until you saw them. We also found out that the tomb has remained unopened and that the Army is just a part of this enormous necropolis, where every soldier is different from the others.

Quite astonishing, indeed.



Just nearby the site entrance there were some food kiosks where we had our the best portion of Sichuan eggplant. I literally couldn’t have enough.

terracotta army




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