Cienfuegos – Cuba Part III

On our way to Playa Larga, we made a quick stop in Cienfuegos.

For those of you who didn’t know, the city took its name from renamed for José Cienfuegos, Captain General of Cuba in 1880 – although I wrongly thought that city was named in that way to celebrate another famous man, Camilo Cienfuegos, a well-known cuban revolutionary. Along with Castro brothers, Che Guevara and Bosque, he was one of the top leaders of the revolutionary forces but, shortly after Castro’s victory in 1959, he was presumed killed when a small plane he was traveling in disappeared during a night flight from Camaguey to Havana.

Cienfuegos  is very different from Havana: it’s a small, quiet city with great Spanish architecture – and some French influence – and a beautiful view of the sea.

Oh, and it was way more clean than the capital.

We didn’t have so much time to spend there, but we enjoyed a bit of exploring: the little neighborhoods with not much traffic and the relaxed atmosphere made our stop wonderful.



DSC_0335 DSC_0356







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  1. Sorry to point this out, but the city of Cienfuegos was not named after Camilo Cienfuegos as you stated. It was named in 1829 after José Cienfuegos, who was Captain General of Cuba from 1816 to 1819. I was born in Cienfuegos in 1951.


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