Guangxi Region – China Part V

After visiting the Terracotta Army, we continued our journey to south of China.

Defining me and Mario as ‘exhausted’ when we finally dropped our backpacks in a hostel room can’t give you the right idea about how tired we were. China is simply enormous and, to do everything we planned to, we put in practice our ‘we don’t really need to sleep’ theory from day one.

The result was that Guangxi region won us over with its amazing wild nature and its quiet atmosphere.

We started our exploration from the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces – I have to admit that we chose that over the others because of its cool name. It was simply amazing: I’d never visited a rice fields because I thought it’d have been pretty boring. Well, I was completely wrong.

To arrive to the top of the hill, we decided to climb the steep road, walking among tiny villages and curious locals. It was incredibly hot – and tiring – but after that the view from the top was even more stunning.

Bright green terraces covered all the hills, as far as the eye could see; the wind and some chatty birds made the only rumors in the entire valley; some locals walked among the little plants to check the growth, in silence.

It was like heaven.

After that, we decided to arrive to Yangshuo by joining a boat trip in Li river. Even if the tour was pretty disappointing, in Yangshuo we found the peaceful spot we needed to rest. And the luck was on our side: we happened to stay in a ancient chinese farm, renovated as a cool and nice hotel.

But the best part of our entire trip in China arrived the second night in Yangshuo, when we went to see the Impression Light Show. It’s really difficult to describe how this show enchanted us: even if the chinese audience spent all the time talking loudly and taking pictures, the show itself was worthy the trip from home.

Imagine a portion of a river, framed by high and wonderful lit mountains, as a stage. Now add more than 600 locals farmers, fishermen and young girls singing and performing simultaneously on the waters and maybe you have little idea of what Impression is.

It was the best show I’ve ever seen. For real.






2014-07-25 12.51.39





2014-07-26 18.58.26


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