Ios – Greece

I start by saying that I’m not a party animal.

Disco&co. are not exactly my first option when I think about how to have a good night: it’s a matter of taste. However I decided to give a chance to the party Greek islands to see if I was really missing something. So I packed my stuff and book a flight to Ios island.

It turned out that the island was amazing – apart from the nonstop booze-fuelled partying.

In fact, even if the place seems to be the favorite stomping ground of youth and hedonism, there’s more than one spot that deserves to be seen. There’re entire villages and beaches completely forgotten by the mass tourism, left to the quiet life that you can find only in a place lost among amazing waters and a never-ending summer.

We spent our days exploring the winding footpaths of the traditional hilltop old town and ensconced on sandy beaches. The atmospheric old architecture is a maze of cobbled streets that made the perfect backdrop for our week of relax.

And, in the evening, there were always the chance to have a good drink and to enjoy (a little) of clubbing.




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  1. I think the wonderful thing about Greek islands is that even the partying ones have rustic, traditional corners. Something is there for everyone.


  2. Beautiful post 😊 I also like to step out of my comfort zone when traveling, just to be open minded and gain new experiences. So far I haven’t regretted it!


    • How nice of you! It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this ‘have experience of everything’ crusade:) I know my tastes about travels, things to do and places to see but sometimes I believe we all should do something we’d never thought we could – it can be so fun!

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