Lisbon for two – Portugal

Because our jobs are slowly sucking life out of us, me and Mario allowed us to take some days off and go to my beloved Lisbon. Honestly, at first I felt like I was playing hookie from school but as soon as we walked out the airport all regrets magically faded away.

While in Lisbon, we decided to check out the popular touristy spots but also to start a real quest to map all the cool hang out of the city. Actually, I was perfectly happy simply walking the streets in Lisbon with a pasteis in one hand and my camera in the other – and Mario by mi side, obviously.

My eyes went big at so many restaurants and cafès that I’m sure I put on weight just looking at all those delights.

We loved staying in an apartment in Principe Real district, we delighted in the food experience and we appreciated the history: the colourful, easy-going and beautiful Lisbon has a special vibe that makes me want to come back over and over.

Coming soon, a post on Lisbon food, places and historical spots we visited. Much catching up to do!



Lisbon street


Lisbon belem   Lisbon


Lisbon vegan restaurant


Lisbon sail

lisbon travel blogger

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