Hi, I’m Cecilia. Originally from Florence, I’m a 24-year-old girl who moved to Milan five years ago.

Honestly, there’s no much to say about me but the fact I’m passionately curious. Actually, I think it’s because of that I started to develop this (in)sane passion toward everything is unexplored and different.

Nothing make me feel more alive than being on the road and since I was little I’ve developed this permanent itch to travel. The world is big and it’s gonna take a lifetime to visit it all, so I started as soon as I was able to bring a backpack on my own. Now I’m so lucky that I have someone to share it.

From my passion for exploring and sharing pictures and stories started this small project. The Travelling Song is a travel journal to treasure every experiences I made, but also to share with others all the wonderful vibes I received during my wandering.



Cecilia Lombardi
Travel enthusiast with a restless feet
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Mario Pellegrino
Adventurist and curious mind
Co-Founder & Project Manager

All content is copyright of The Travelling Song and cannot be used, reproduced or manipulated without our express consent

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